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THOMAS Shoes company is a family business with a historical route of 79 years in manufacturing handmade women’s shoes.
Thomas Thomas Sr., had been drawing shoes for women all over Athens, at his workshop in Psirri area (near Plaka) since 1938. His son, Yiorgos Thomas, learnt the art of designing and manufacturing, by watching his father.
In 1960, he started up his own small craft business at the same area, urged by his desire to be the one who would bring life to the orders his customers had trusted him with.  His sons, Thomas and Constantinos Thomas, worked by his side and learnt in turn, the art of the handmade shoe.
In 1992, they took over and renewed the business entirely. Until now, they carry on with the family tradition with passion, love and responsibility.
In THOMAS Shoes‘ creations, the following evenly coexist

  • personal work, adjusted to each foot’s singularity
  • possibility of combining different elements (forms, heel heights, colours and materials)
  • quality of the production materials
  • aesthetics and above all
  • comfort   
women’s shoes
Bridal Shoes

Make your order via e-mail: info@thomasshoes.gr or on the phone +30 210 32 20 422